Homework Due May 11

This will be our last formal homework!!!! Today, a little end of Kindergarten project was sent home. That project will be due next Friday, May 18th. It is called “A piece of cake.” If your child misplaced it (as I know someone did because I have it :-0) let me know so I can send home a new one.

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Rocket Math

We have started doing rocket math in class. I will use rocket math in both addition and subtraction. Students are given 3 minutes to complete as many math problems as possible. If they complete the problems and get them correct in the given time, students will earn a WOW ticket and move up a level. Levels range from A-Z (A being the easiest). If your child comes home with this half sheet, help them finish and/or correct any problems they did not complete and practice those math facts. Students in Kindergarten should know addition and subtraction facts within 10. For students who know these facts, I will be able to challenge them with facts to 20.

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Sight Words

Yesterday your child should have come home with the District’s sight word list for the end of the year. All highlighted words are words your child KNOWS. If your child has all yellow marks – YEAH!!! They score 100% now. If your child is missing some words, please practice those words to help prepare them for this assessment which will take place in April.

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Jump 4 Heart

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Thank you to all of those that are helping raise money for the American Heart Association. Our school remains the top school in all of Imperial Valley!! Our school goal is $26,000 (which we have never hit yet) and if we hit $30,000 – then Mr. Strout will SLEEP on the ROOF of the SCHOOL!!! It’s all a win win. If you decide to participate and help raise money, try to do so online. It’s easier and students are awarded more prizes.

Addition and Subtraction Flash Cards

We have been learning the concepts of addition and subtraction in the classroom. One of the Kindergarten standards is to fluently be able to solve addition and subtraction within 5. When we return from Winter Break, we will begin our math sessions with timed math tests to test your child’s fluency on their math facts.

Tomorrow I will send home some flash cards. They are not cut apart yet. These are for you to use, cut apart, and hole punch onto a silver ring. I will also send a ring home with your child. Get a head start on those basic addition and subtraction facts!