Thanksgiving Trail Mix

Dear families,

Our class will be making a friendship snack in our classroom. We will learn how to share and make friends by having a snack time with friendship snacks. We will mix all of our ingredients together to create our friendship snack for everyone to enjoy. This needs to be a nut-free snack.  Please make sure there are enough items to fill 24 sandwich bags. Please sign your child’s name next to the item being donated. All items must be given to teacher by Thursday November 15th.

Mini oreo

Cookies (2 bags):

Teddy bear

Grahams (2 boxes):

Swedish Fish

(2 medium bags) –

Life saver Gummies:

(2 medium bags)

Goldfish crackers

(2 bags)

Soup crackers

(I bag):

Pretzel sticks

(1 bag)

Trix cereal box:
A bag of mini Marshmallows

(1 bag) –


(3 boxes):

Chocolate chips

(1 bag):

Candy corn

(1 bag):

24 Ziploc sandwich bags: Dried fruit:





Military Families

It as come to my attention that many families were/are unaware that we have a military counselor on campus. She works with ANY student who has a parent in the military. She meets with my students 1x a week on Mondays. Students need a permission slip to be able to attend the 20 minute pull out session. Students just discuss feelings and do art and create things to send home/oversees. If you are not participating in this program and your child has a mother or father in the military and you would like your child to participate, please contact me (via in person, email or remind 101) and I will send a permission slip home. Thank you so much!